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Hybrid Energy Storage: Behind the Meter


The hybrid combination of thermal generation with thermal energy storage provides unique performance capabilities, operational characteristics, and economic and environmental attributes.  Thermal storage is safe, compact, and low-cost, making it technically and economically feasible to provide long-duration storage – up to 24 hours or more, that can absorb excess distributed PV generation and time-shift it to more valuable periods.  Novel integration with exhaust heat from engines or gas turbines increases the volumetric and energy conversion efficiency of the stored energy to provide load following flexibility and microgrid capability.  This presentation will provide a technical and economic overview of hybrid energy storage.


William Conlon, PE, PhD
Pintail Power, LLC

Bill Conlon is the founder and President of Pintail Power, which aims to bridge renewable and conventional electricity generation. 

Bill’s perspective on power generation is informed by his background as an engineer and executive with experience in nuclear, fossil, and solar engineering, construction, commissioning and operations.  After receiving his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for an experimental investigation of Loss-of-Coolant Accidents, he worked for Pacific Gas & Electric Company on the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant training simulator.  

He joined his first startup, International Power Technology, where he co-invented the control system for the Cheng Cycle steam injected gas turbine power plant, and was responsible for new product development, as well as licensing.  Based in Silicon Valley, he has been a serial entrepreneur specializing in rapid innovation and commercialization.

Dr. Conlon led the technical turn-around of Ausra Inc., taking its CLFR technology to price-performance leadership in the solar thermal market. He was instrumental in the sale of Ausra to AREVA and the subsequent award of more than $1 billion of new business around the world. While Senior Vice President of Engineering at AREVA, he was responsible for Engineering, Commissioning and Operations teams on three continents.

Bill is also a licensed Mechanical Engineer in California, a life member of ASME, and serves on the ASME PTC-53 Committee, which is drafting the Performance Test Code for Energy Storage Systems.