Technical Specifications | How The Virtual Event Works

Digital Platform

  • Access with a web browser
  • Use a computer, not a phone or tablet
  • Platform is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Please be sure your browsers are up-to-date
  • No additional software or application downloads needed


Users will also need to make sure that their computer’s camera, microphone, and sound are enabled and permissions granted in the browser for video chat sessions. Please check with your IT department if you are using a Microsoft Windows-based PC/device. Typically, users will be prompted ‘allow’ for these permissions when entering a room. If the user selects ‘deny’ to these permissions, they will be unable to see, hear, or speak to others in a video chat room. 

  • You do NOT have to use your webcam for networking, if you choose not to show a camera, your profile picture will appear.