Managing Risk in ESPCs


 Risk is present in all contracts but can be very high in Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) for a range of reasons. All parties need to understand the risks that exist and agree to appropriate responses to manage those risks. This session aims to provide industry participants with approaches to managing the risks associated with quantification of savings and the consequential challenges these risks impose on ESPCs.


Timothy Burrows
President and CEO
Sustainable Returns, Inc.

Tim Burrows BE(Mech) MBA is President and CEO of Sustainable Returns, Inc and a specialist in energy efficiency, renewable energy and measurement and verification. Tim is a strategic, data-driven thinker. Over his 25+ year career, he has consistently used these characteristics to partner with like-minded clients to achieve environmental outcomes while simultaneously boosting their bottom line.

In addition to his experience as a mechanical engineer, energy engineer and project manager, Tim has an affinity with statistics, software, gadgets and the future in general. He loves to partner with people and organizations to further the use of innovative technologies and financing structures. He is currently researching machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) to better understand how these new technologies can be implemented in a practical manner to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel energy and/or improve the efficiency of energy generation and distribution. He is adept at developing business cases and working with huge spreadsheets and databases.

His experience spans a range of industries, including commercial buildings (including education sector), telecommunications, software development, heavy engineering, manufacturing, water and power. Over the last 20 years, he has delivered hundreds of consultancy engagements, including clean tech feasibility studies, energy audits, measurement and verification of energy projects and strategic carbon markets advisory. He has worked with all levels of management, from CEOs to machine operators.

Tim has 25 years’ international engineering and project management experience. He holds a Master of Business Administration, majoring in Technology Management, and a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.