Branom Instrument Company

Since 1947, Branom Instrument Co. has been providing customers with best-in-class process instrumentation for control and monitoring of flow, gas and liquid analytics, level, pressure, temperature, and automation. Our instrumentation solutions provide maximum precision, efficiency, and reliability. Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor and/or manufacturer’s rep for some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. We specialize in serving the aerospace, cement and aggregate, food and beverage, irrigation, oil and gas, marine, semiconductor, water/wastewater, and wood products markets. With an average of 15-plus years of experience, our expert staff can recommend and deliver the best products and services to solve our customers’ application needs and improve their bottom lines. Based in Seattle, Branom Instrument Co. offers the largest product selection in the Pacific Northwest. We maintain an extensive on-demand inventory to ensure the timely delivery of system solutions.


Branom Instrument Company has been privileged to earn your business since 1947 and our expert staff is available to help solve application problems, recommend and demonstrate products. We offer process instrumentation for Control & Monitoring of Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow and Liquid/Gas Analytics. Sensors & controls for position, timing and counting along with test and measurement instruments. On-site service & calibration as well as repair and calibration lab.

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