Glazing Retrofits for Climate Resiliency – Utilizing Smart Windows


Climate projections for Metro Vancouver anticipate an average temperature increase of about 3degC (7.4 degF) in the region by the 2050s. As the climate continues to warm and heat wave events increase, buildings will need to be able to adapt to the changing demands of the region.

One strategy to combat the increasing cooling demand is to re-evaluate how we approach our glazing retrofits. The Simon Fraser University (SFU) Water Tower Building was recently upgraded with a dynamic glazing system that automatically adjusts glazing tint levels in response to external conditions (such as sunlight) and occupant preferences.


Travis Vilac
Energy Specialist
Simon Fraser University

Travis is an Engineer in Training and Certified Energy Manager based out of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. With experienced in energy auditing, control system optimization, building commissioning and GHG reporting. He has a passion for energy conservation and is currently the local chapter president for the Metro Vancouver AEE Chapter.