Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Energy provides local experts in energy efficiency who assist in identifying projects for utility customers. Our services are paid for by the utilities to help their commercial and industrial customers reserve utility incentives, which can reduce operating and capital costs. Over the past 13 years in California alone, LM Energy installed energy efficiency projects with savings of over 500,000 MWh, 70 GW and 15,515,214 Therms. LM Energy engineering services go beyond the traditional efficiency retrofits of common end-use equipment. Our goals are to improve your overall manufacturing processes and building operations, which will lead to increased product sales, reduced building operating costs, reduced labor costs, increased raw materials yields and increased product quality. We have offices in Southern California, San Francisco and Bakersfield to cover all of Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric's territories.

Stop by and visit LM Energy at Booth #508. We can give you the latest information on utility incentives for your business.