National Energy USA

National Energy is a major provider of professional services primarily to US government agencies in the defense, intelligence, environmental, and civil sectors, as well as to corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. National Energy provides leading-edge environmental expertise to government and private sector clients, addressing a full range of challenges, including regulatory compliance, natural resource management, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainability and energy efficiency. Our clients benefit from our turnkey solutions for sustainable strategies, energy security, technology oriented engineering, and analytical consulting. Our services help solve tough problems and support our client's mission.

Working with its technology partners, National Energy USA has active waste-to-fuels projects all over the world. We use a patented technology that safely converts unsorted, residential and commercial waste to fuel. The engineered fuel has a high caloric value and can serve as a replacement for coal, or can be co-fired with coal to generate electricity. Our multi-disciplined team of sustainability professionals incorporates sustainability initiatives to meet State and Federal requirements. We have extensive LEED and ENERGY STAR programs and in the design and construction of zero-energy facilities. We provide energy and engineering consulting services and develop plans to ensure energy security. We recommend new technologies which use conventional energy as efficiently as possible, while reducing vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.