ND Metering Solutions

•Northern Design T/A ND Metering Solutions is a world leading energy management sub-metering specialist established in 1973. •All products have an industry leading 5 year guarantee. •Installations worldwide with UL, RCM, CE. •Flexible, responsive, UK design and manufacturing. •Net zero direct operations. •Direct line to technical support in our UK factory, pre and post sales. •Very cost effective solutions to help you promote a winning business case for energy management. •Innovative, patented, installation methods, ensure right-first-time installations. •Standard Modbus tables enable use with majority of software analytic platforms •The perfect partner for own-branding. •ND Metering Solutions provides the very best in sub-metering hardware solutions to any energy management partner worldwide. •MultiCube Modular•MultiCube•MultiRail•Cube•Rail•TXD•XD•Drives

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