Model Enhanced Monitoring: Can Simulation Models Improve M&V?


The fundamental challenge of M&V is comparing pre- and post-retrofit energy consumption despite changes in occupant behavior and weather patterns. Meanwhile, simulation models can very accurately predict the performance of equipment if given monitored data instead of assumptions and calibrated to match the real world case. Theoretically models could remove the uncertainty in pre- and post-retrofit comparisons, leading to higher accuracy and lower cost M&V efforts. Will this approach work? Come to this seminar to learn more about the concept and discuss.


Peter Grant
Senior Research Manager
Beyond Efficiency

Peter has worked in hot water research since 2007 at institutions including time at National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the European Academy.  His projects at those institutions have included laboratory testing and simulation model-based research, primarily creating experimentally validated simulation models of hot water systems. He's also served as a technical expert advising the regular Title 24 update process. Peter is an annual presenter at the ACEEE Hot Water Forum, and at any event where people are interested in his areas of research.