A Case Study, Community Based near-ZNE for a Recreational Facility


The Resort in Playa Vista, is a 25,000 square-foot resident club with fitness rooms and ancillary outdoor swimming pools, a LEED certified 2009 Platinum® for New Construction and features passive ventilation, green roofs, variable refrigerant heat pumps, natural gas fired water heaters, space heaters and pool heaters. Onsite generation includes a 63kW photovoltaic (PV) and a 75kW combined heat and power (CHP), separately metered. The original building design is 6% below Title 24 standards. Adding pool heaters and pumps, solar PV and the CHP, the equivalent Time Dependent Value (TDV) would be doubled, as process loads are important for a community-based ZNE. Three years operational data has proven CHP can work with PV and contribute to energy savings as well as carbon reduction.

Learning Objective
1. A balanced energy resource and asset management for owners
2. A community based ZNE solution has to address all ancillary and process loads, beyond Title 24 compliance
3. Obstacles and paths to potential solutions in net metering and other related topics


Jeff Horn
Emerging Technologies Program Manager