How HVAC Compliance and Enforcement Modernization Can Create an IoT-based Power Grid
How HVAC Compliance and Enforcement Modernization Can Create an IoT-based Power Grid

How HVAC Compliance and Enforcement Modernization Can Create an IoT-based Power Grid


The ineffective implementation and enforcement of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Standards) by HVAC contractors, municipalities, and enforcement officials has hindered the state’s progress to its strategic energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. These shortfalls have also impacted California consumers negatively.

Advancing a holistic plan for modernizing the HVAC industry with careful implementation of existing technology, automation and management concepts can overcome these obstacles while establishing a robust, IoT-based foundation for the emerging distributed energy resource (DER) grid and a carbonless energy economy.

This presentation will explore the outlines of the plan recently introduced by the California Energy Alliance, which focuses on four key areas to drive marketplace change: revitalizing California’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS); establishing an online permitting and equipment registration process; developing a strategy to encourage marketplace adoption of evaluation, measurement & verification/demand response (EM&V/DR) technology; and providing robust resources to building professionals. It will conclude with a look at specific local markets where these initiatives are being implemented and the results of these projects.



Rita Renner, LEED GA
Education and Outreach
California Energy Alliance

Seasoned in cleantech and energy efficiency, Rita A. Renner has held senior marketing and outreach positions at industry leaders such as Echelon and Wattstopper. As an independent consultant, she has served clients in pre-IPO lighting controls companies, electrical/data construction and professional services firms, and power management solutions providers. She has conducted industry outreach activities, including collaborative programs with R&D organizations and educational programs with industry NGOs.

 Rita holds a B.A. summa cum laude from Mount Mary College in liberal arts as well as a J.D. cum laude from Santa Clara University School of Law. She is a member of the State Bar of California (inactive), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and holds a LEED Green Associate credential from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Eric Taylor
GreenNet IoT

Eric Taylor is an innovator and serial entrepreneur who has built two multimillion dollar companies and is working on a third. As founder and CEO of Enalasys Corporation, Eric was one of a small group who developed and promoted the concept of using diagnostic tools to measure and verify energy savings. Enalasys was certified by the California Energy Commission as California’s only Third Party Quality Control Program in 2007. Enalasys eventually managed utility-funded HVAC optimization programs throughout California and in eight other states. In 2009, Enalasys was recognized by Inc Magazine as the third fastest growing company in the US energy efficiency sector, and was ranked 44th fastest growing company in the US. Eric is currently CEO of GreenNet IoT, a company dedicated to developing infrastructure needed to build the smart grid and bring private capital into the energy efficiency industry. From his position as co-chair of the California Energy Alliance’s Compliance Committee, Eric is actively fighting to reform and modernize California’s HVAC industry and enable the state to reach the ambitious energy efficiency goals set by the California legislature.