How Biogas and Microgrids Can Deliver the Clean, Resilient Electrical Grid California Needs


California has the worst air quality in the nation, the least reliable electricity, and the largest supply of economically viable biogas. What if there existed a technology which could harness the biogas and solve the air quality and grid reliability problems?  Bloom Energy introduced such a prototype technology at 2018’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. The solution integrates a solid oxide fuel cell system (which generates electricity from biogas via an electrochemical reaction) with an integrated biogas clean-up module. Following a successful test at a landfill in February 2019, Bloom is nearing a commercial introduction of the technology. The company estimates it could be used to generate up to 1.3GW of zero carbon clean electricity, equivalent to 400 million solar panels, with the state’s economically viable biogas supply.

Simultaneously, Bloom has become one of the state’s leading developers of microgrids, helping technology companies, manufacturers and retailers mitigate growing power quality issues and outages with fuel cell-based microgrids that operate symbiotically with the grid in normal conditions, but which keep the power on when the grid goes down.

Vice President of Customer Experience and Commercial Strategy Asim Hussain explains how these emerging technologies work, how customers are using them, and how both can address California’s climate and grid resiliency challenges, and even pave the way for an electrical grid partly powered by hydrogen.


Asim Hussain
Vice President, Customer Experience
Bloom Energy


Asim Hussain is the Vice President of Customer Experience and Commercial Strategy at Bloom Energy, a provider of breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology that generates clean, reliable, and highly-efficient power onsite.  Asim's responsibilities at Bloom Energy include new market development, market research and analysis, customer engagement and experience, and corporate marketing.

Prior to Bloom Energy, Asim worked for CURRENT Group, a Smart Grid solutions provider, as the Chief of Staff for the CEO focused on building the executive team and strategic planning as well as marketing and business development activities. At CURRENT Group, Asim developed an industry leading value model to quantify the monetary benefits of various Smart Grid applications. He previously also advised electric utility and telecommunication clients on strategy and systems integration initiatives while working for Deloitte Consulting.

Asim earned a BS in Commerce with Distinction from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.