Energy Policy West Coast Style Panelist

This moderated panel seeks to explore the intersection of a multitude of CA-specific topics ranging from clean energy policies, energy storage technologies and how the value proposition for energy-efficiency investments continues to evolve for C&I end-users.  With a multitude of ambitious state goals that are set to be realized over the next decade, what does all of this mean for the C&I end user experience?  Please join us for an enlightening discussion with representation from utility, technology & policy experts.  Moderated Q&A with audience participation will follow panel presentations.


Peter Thompson
Senior Energy Efficiency Financing Specialist 

Peter Thompson oversees the Energy Efficiency Financing programs at PG&E. Prior to joining PG&E, Peter worked on EE financing projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK, and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he trained as an accountant. Peter is a Chartered Accountant in the UK, has a BA in political studies from the University of Leeds, and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.