Optimizing Solar & Storage Deployment with EV Charging


With tax credits and rebates declining, and the Time of Use Rate tariffs shifting to an evening peak, ever more attention must be paid to reduce costs and maximize the value of existing and new generation technologies. If that wasn’t simple enough, electric vehicles are taking off quickly, putting pressure on facilities and energy personnel to manage the impacts to the energy bill, the capital budget, as well as to provide for a positive employee and/or tenant experience.  This presentation will focus on how these technologies can be best integrated for maximum energy and demand savings and the transaction structures that are available to insulate end-users from performance risk on emerging technologies such as energy storage.  Case studies will be used to illustrate how EV charging can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of the typical installation using existing technology with stronger up-front planning, in addition to how the management of the charging load can be optimized to minimize the cost impact. These case studies will examine how value creation for these technologies differs in isolation compared to the financials of a fully integrated system.


Andrew Goldstone
Director of Distribution Solutions - Western Region
EDF Renewables

Andrew Goldstone serves as Director of Distributions Solutions - Western Region at EDF Renewables where he leads the business development team and customer facing activity for Solar, Storage, and EV Charging.  Prior to joining EDF Renewables, Andrew was an early employee at Green Charge Networks (now Engie Storage), where he led a sales team and worked with public and private sector customers on some of the first large scale BTM energy storage projects in California.  Andrew also worked as a Regional Director for Clipper Windpower, commercializing over 400 MW of wind assets. Prior to Clipper, Andrew started a corporate energy management program for a global pharmaceutical concern. Andrew earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his MBA from George Washington University as a Global Fellow.