LINC VAB Solar Thermal Retrofit Case Study


A deep retrofit demonstration project to explore solutions for split-incentive and how near-Zero Net Energy (ZNE) can be approached or achieved in multi-family rental properties was implemented in Lancaster, California. Among multiple measures implemented, solar evacuated tubes were installed to preheat the hot water for 30 homes. Three years submetering data showed natural gas savings exceeding 3,000 therms/yr, or more than 60%. Multiple utilities, CEC, and HUD funding parties joined-force to tackle the challenges. The results were showcased in DOE’s Top-10 Better Buildings newsletter in 2016. Financial solutions to counter split-incentive challenges, technical obstacles for limited roof areas, and paths to near-zero energy are identified. A CEC final report is published in March 2019; and a follow-up behavioral study is currently on-going, with updated results.

Learning Objectives
1. Solar thermal evacuated tubes are working and reliable to reduce carbon
2. Challenges and paths to solutions for multi-family zero net energy initiatives


Jeff Horn
Emerging Technologies Program Manager