Smart EV Charging for Grid and Renewables Integration


Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging, or V1G, refers to controlling the timing and rate of EV charging in response to some kind of signal, be it wholesale or retail prices, marginal GHG intensity, or command / control for operational or reliability purposes.  V1G can provide a multitude of services to drivers, site hosts, fleet operators, utilities, and grid operators and can be operated in tandem with, or independent of, time-of-use rates to optimize EV charging in a way that yields maximum benefits.  In this session, eMotorWerks will review its experience implementing V1G solutions and provide insights into the future of vehicle-grid integration.  


Marc Monbouquette
Senior Manager, Regulatory and Government Affairs

As Senior Manager of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Marc leads eMotorWerks’ North American policy engagements pertaining to EV infrastructure investments, smart EV charging, demand response programs, wholesale market integration, and low carbon fuel credit markets.

Prior to joining eMotorWerks, Marc Monbouquette spent more than five years as an analyst at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). In this role, Marc managed the policymaking process for several California policy initiatives focused on integrating DERs into utility distribution planning and grid operations, including distribution resource planning, smart inverter standards development, and interconnection reform.

Marc holds a Master’s Degree in Energy Policy and Economics from Duke University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Carleton College, and is a certified LEED Green Associate.

Speaking Experience

  • To speak: AEE West Energy Conference (2019)
  • AESP Spring Conference (2019)
  • EUEC Transportation Electrification Conference (2019)
  • Clean Energy Leadership Institute’s “Clean Energy & Advocacy Workshop” (2018)
  • YPE Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technologies (2018)
  • EUCI - New York REV Summit (2018)
  • California Efficiency + Demand Management Council (2018)
  • IEEE 2030.5 DER Management Symposium (2016)
  • Intersolar North America (2016)
  • Solar Asset Management: North America (2016)


  • Edison Innovation Award (eMW)
  • GTM Grid Edge Award (eMW)
  • 500 (eMW)
  • Global Cleantech 100 (eMW)
  • Energy Productivity Innovation (EPIC) Award (eMW)