Distributed Energy System and Microgrid Control Solutions


As renewable energy application becoming more main stream, distributed energy system in the form of Battery will be needed to ensure power availability and grid stability. Some users may opt to create their own Microgrid, where the integrated system can operate in parallel with the electrical grid or in an intentional island mode. 

We are going to present market outlook of distributed energy system and challenges of Microgrid, with real world installation example in the US and throughout the world.


Andreas Winardi
Senior Energy Engineer
Siemens Industry - Building Performance and Sustainability

Andreas Winardi is a Sr. Energy Engineer for Siemens with over 15 years experiences in the Energy Efficiency world. Andreas has experience as project engineer, designer, energy manager, project manager, project development, program management, performance assurance, and business development. 

Andreas is committed to demonstrating operational excellence in every aspect of the development and delivery of energy projects to customers to help meet their operational efficiency improvement and environmental impact minimization goals. 

He received his B.S in Chemical Engineering and M.S in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received his MBA from California Lutheran University. His professional certifications include PE, CEM, CEA, CRM, CSDP, CDSM, and CLEP.