Measure to Manage: M&V at ZNE Facilities


ZNE facilities are distinct from other buildings that are simply energy efficient due to three main features: ultra-low energy use, onsite renewable energy to match consumption, and a robust monitoring system to enable detailed measurement and verification activities. The County of San Diego has 4 ZNE buildings in operation and several more in process. This session will illustrate how M&V is a critical aspect of the County's ZNE initiative, by examining the following topics: the County's philosophy of submetering for ZNE, an overview of how to acquire the optimal metering system, and lessons learned from 5 years of experience soliciting, designing, constructing, and operating ZNE buildings.



Susan Freed, RA, C.E.M., LEEP AP
Project Manager
County of San Diego

Susan is the Project Manager for the Energy and Sustainability Program at County of San Diego since 2013.  Her work at the County includes finding opportunities to increase the energy and water efficiency and sustainability of County operations, studying the feasibility of innovative solutions, and developing programs and projects to implement promising findings. She has hands-on experience with the challenges in creating sustainability momentum in the public sector. Previous to her position with the County, she worked for many years as an architect (involved in sustainability projects such as the first strawbale post office in New Mexico), architectural planner (working with public and nonprofit clients to develop sustainability planning and facility master planning), and economic development professional (10 years with the historic preservation/community development program MainStreet). She holds a Master in Architecture from the University of New Mexico, has been LEED AP since 2005, and CEM since 2015.