Powerful Energy - Why the Quality of Energy Matters to You


With today’s focus on energy efficiency, cost reduction, and renewables the quality of the delivered energy is often overlookedMeasuring the quality of the utility (electricity, natural gas, water, etc) is often just as important as measuring the consumption.  APT will share lessons learned from over 20 years’ experience as a systems integrator for a range of industries and facility types. The session offers insights for improving operations and technology ROI while avoiding pitfalls when implementing energy management systems for all stakeholders.  The session covers common mistakes, integration challenges, and critical success factors relevant to all sectors and facility types.  Optimizing your system to not only measure energy costs but also measure and reduce risk, and improve reliability and resiliency.  Customized alerts and reports can streamline information delivery with actionable insights for energy and facilities managers, business risk and financial executives, asset owners, and tenants.



Andrew E. Taylor, P.E.
Applied Power Technologies Inc.

Andy Taylor is CEO of APT (www.apt4power.com), a systems integration firm founded in 1994 providing hardware and software integration, electrical engineering, and support services for energy and power management and monitoring. APT specializes in power quality and reliability management for large customers with critical power needs and high energy costs. APT’s vendor-neutral approach minimizes capital investment and maximizes usability, enabling customers to be more efficient, more reliable, more aware of costs, and better positioned to manage risks. Andy has been at APT since 2002 and previously held engineering and management roles at Intel and other firms. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and was previously President of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association for Facilities Engineering.