Data Center Theory vs. Lessons Learned


This presentation assesses current trends in data center design as relates to energy efficiency.  It complements the “theory” behind these trends, with selected, real world metrics and “lessons learned”.   The attendee will be left with an understanding of existing and emerging opportunities for improved energy efficiency; as well as practical issues associated with implementing these opportunities.

Presented By

Carl Crizer, P.E.
Vice President
Salas O'Brien

Mr. Crizer is a Vice President with the firm. His experience with mechanical, solar, and plumbing design of systems for commercial, residential, educational and public sector projects spans nine years. He has designed HVAC systems on air and water sides, and plumbing systems. His mechanical experience includes load calculations, equipment sizing, and duct design. Solar experience includes determining suitable areas, sizing of arrays both water heating and electric, and design of systems. In addition to his design experience he has been a building manager, plumber, and carpenter for the last 10 years.