Resilience and Energy Security at Army Installation


National Training Center Fort Irwin situated in the Western Mojave Desert with austere environment. A complete city with its own housing, industrial area, training ranges, water, wastewater, landfill and other utility infrastructure. Fort Irwin is fed with one single 115KV line and transport Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) for its heating and operational requirements. This makes Fort Irwin very vulnerable to meet Army’s training mission requirements. A third party financed project is being planned to bring 20 miles natural gas line, install 15 MW CHP, microgrid and battery storage system to island the installation to meet its energy requirements and become resilient and energy secured installation. We are teaming up with our two main utility companies Southern California Edison and South West gas Company to achieve our goal to become energy independent. A preliminary assessment has been completed to build the infrastructure with the less than 20 years payback. Army at Fort Irwin, CA is on the way to become resilient and energy secured installation by 2022.


Muhammad Bari
Director of Public Works
US Army - National Training Center Fort Irwin, CA

Mr. Bari is the Director of Public Works. He started his career with the Army in 1992 as Professional Mechanical Engineer at Fort Irwin, CA. During 1994-2008 he served as Environmental Engineer and Chief of Environmental Division at Fort Irwin.  In May 2008 he was selected as Deputy Director Public Works and  Chief of Business Operation and Integration Division. Mr. Bari is leading Fort Irwin’s Energy and Sustainability Program. He is managing coordinating the Army’s Office of the Energy initiatives projects to include Enhanced Use Lease and 15 MW PPA Solar PV projects.

Fort Irwin is his installation of choice. He has been working here for last 27 years. Mr. Bari attended the Army Management Staff College in 2005, and 2008. He has received numerous awards from Department of Army including Pollution Prevention Award in 2002, Environmental Quality Award in 2001 and Cultural Resources Management Team Award in1999. He also received recognition in 2003 from the EPA Region-IX for Pollution Prevention, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation and Recycling and 2016 Energy and water Conservation for using Innovative Technology

Under his leadership Fort Irwin has completed numerous energy conservation projects including LED Street lights. Fort Irwin has recently built two LEED Gold facilities and two net-zero ware houses. Under his leadership, Fort Irwin is working on a Waste to Energy project under Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC) program. He is leading the charge to initiate third party financed Energy project to for Fort Irwin to become  Energy secured and resilient installation. These project will pave the way for Fort Irwin to become one of the first Net-Zero Waste Installation in the Army. He is managing numerous DOD Environmental Security Testing and Certification Pilot Projects (ESTCP)  at Fort Irwin including 1-Megawatt Concentrated  Photo Voltaic (CPV) pilot project, Demand Response and Fuel Cell Technology testing projects. He is also managing the construction on 6 MGD state of the art Water Treatment Plant that has multiple treatment systems I series including Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR), Reverse Osmosis and Mechanical Evaporations and will recover over 99% of water meeting Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. Another project he proudly working on is, construction of Army’s one of the first LEED Platinum Hospital that has 2.4MW PV array to meet 90% of Hospital electricity needs.