Training the Next Generation of Energy Engineers; How I Started Mentoring


When I look back at my 17 career in the energy engineering world, I am filled with grateful thoughts towards all of my mentors who helped me rise through the ranks to reach the success I have achieved.  Until I started to "pay it forward" and help other engineers get the same support I received, I had always thought this was normal.  What I found through my mentoring was that this is far from the norm.

In this presentation, I would like to discuss the next generation of energy
engineers and what we can do to ensure their success.   Mentoring has
enriched my life and I would like to share this with others so they can perhaps include these methods in their activities.


Sol Rosenbaum
Director, Green & Energy Projects
GRS Group

Sol Rosenbaum, PE, CEM has over 17 years experience in the energy engineering field.  Mr. Rosenbaum received his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and entered the Energy Savings Performance Contracting directly after graduation.  Since that time, he has been involved in multiple roles that have covered all phases of these projects from the business development, design & calculations, construction, and the final commissioning. Currently, Mr. Rosenbaum is the Director, Green & Energy Services for GRS Group, a commercial real estate due diligence inspection firm.  Mr. Rosenbaum also has a passion for mentoring younger engineers as a way to “pay it forward” and to ensure the success of the next generation of engineers.