Energy Efficiency, Power Quality, and Power Factor


ECMs, energy conservation measures, storage devices, co-gen, gen-sets, and renewable energy sources have a negative impact on power quality. Poor Power Quality affects operating costs and shortens the life/longevity of electrical, electronics, computers and mechanical equipment. Poor Power Quality results in greater electrical utility costs. Poor power quality stems from non-linear loads. One of indicators of poor power quality is low power factors.

Power Quality, Power Factor and Harmonics are interrelated. This session brings awareness of unintended consequences of the good things that we are doing for energy efficiency and conservation.


Adil H. Khan, BSEE, MBA
R&D Engineer

TransPower Company

Adil H. Khan is a qualified Electrical Engineer with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and several certifications in technology applications. In addition to being a CEO of Accentz, Inc., an engineering and technology solutions company, Adil is the founder, President, and CEO of TransPower Company a R&D and technology manufacturing company.

For the past 30 years, Adil is involved in next generation technologies and is focused on the inventing, developing, manufacturing, launching and commercializing game-changing high efficiency patented technologies and solutions to commercial and industrial customers. Some of technologies are Voice over IP, Solar Energy, ECMs and Energy Efficiency technologies.

Adil is a founder and member of the several Governing Board of Directors of non-profit organizations. Adil is an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Denver University and serves as member of the Advisory Board for the Center for Management Development at Denver University.

Adil has been nominated for many awards, including a recipient of the State of Colorado, Governor’s Award, 2013 Martin Luther King Business Social Responsibility Award for “Content of Character.” Adil moved to Colorado from Wisconsin 30 years ago. He is married and has two children.